Friday, November 25, 2005

Our first cria has grown up!

If you look back to my earlier posts on this site, you will see a picture of Alejandro, our first Cria. Look at him now, he looks like a very good quality Alpaca. Amazing to think it has only been 6 months since we started this!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Catania, Sicily

Went on a stag do to Sicily over the weekend. Had a good time. Not sure that Sicilians approve of a group of Brits getting drunk and acting the fool. So we didn't. Luckily we had a number of ladies in the group who were not up for all day/night drinking, or else we probably would have got into trouble with the local mafiosi. The picture is a view of Etna from the Palermo-Catania train. It was the only picture to come out without a blurred tree, bush, telegraph pole or something ruining the picture!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dental Ambulance!?!

Passed this while walking through Tbilisi. Couldn't think of a situation when I might need one of these?

Boy climbing to bell? Tbilisi

Whilst wandering the city streets of Tbilisi I happened upon this sculpture. I am sure there must be some historical relevance to the city, but I confess I do not speak Georgian, nor do I have any idea what the letters read!!! If anyone recognises this sculpture please let me know what it is as it is very impressive.

Tbilisi, Georgia

I've been a bit slack keeping up to date, with all the travelling. Anyway, stayed in Georgia for a while. Fantastically interesting place, but so poor. Only thing of interest to us 'Westerners' is that Katie Melua is from there. Oh and I found two Irish bars! They get everywhere!!!

The picture is of a huge church with a crack all the way down the side. The city is on a fault line and suffered a large earthquake about 4 years ago...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Crete - Holiday

Finally we managed to go on holiday! Last minute booking, late in the year, wanted to go somewhere warm. Crete is about as far South we could go but still being in Europe, and trying somewhere new. Ended up about 20 mins from Xania in a villa in a small mountain village. Perfect for us, 3 village tavernas, little shop, Souda with bigger shops 5 mins away and beaches 10 min drive away. Would definitely recommend the area to other people. Lots of great walks and views of the White Mountains from the village.
The picture shows a rock we came across whilst walking up a gorge. Again to scale it off there I am below it!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Saddle Tor

Dad, Malc and Cath (Kath?) on top of Saddle Tor in Dartmoor, fantastic views and spectacular rocks make this a great evening walk. Was pretty cold though, I was only wearing a T-shirt (how VERY dare you, of course I was wearing other clothes!) and temperature was only 9 degC. Needless to say I caught a cold!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Now we will never know!

The chick was killed by one of the hens today. The Cotswold Legbar, Sally, (the biological mother of the chick) managed to get into the chicks run and pecked it to death. Helen was very upset. The surrogate mother is now being bullied by Sally also! If Sally wasn't so scrawny I think even Helen would want to put HER in the pot!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Huge Tree!

Went for a walk in a nearby village over the weekend with some friends, came across this enormous tree!!! I think it might have been a Yew tree, but then all trees if they are not Monkey Puzzle trees look like Yew trees to me!